I was brought to Hokkaido often when I was a child.

Memories on traveling in Hokkaido, yes.

Memories on traveling in Hokkaido, yes. After all, is it memories of study? In those days, I have no meaning, I just remember having worked diligently hard. My friends also had many such types, but I was truly serious of myself. Even while traveling ... There are memorable memories. I have a chance to go to Hokkaido regularly, but I do not know why Hokkaido is wide. I got a lot of memories. After that, it is cold normally. On the contrary it is hot except Hokkaido. I mean, it is Hokkaido that I want to go again. After that the ramen was delicious and funny. Is this normal? However, it is said that there was a deliciousness because it is eaten in Hokkaido. I would not know without experiencing this. It seemed so. Anyway, the food was delicious. It is cold, tasty, this is a frank impression of my Hokkaido trip.