I was brought to Hokkaido often when I was a child.

Have you ever been to Hokkaido? I only have one time.

Have you ever been to Hokkaido? I only have one time. Besides, to join my best friend's wedding. My best friend gave a wedding ceremony at the chapel in Hokkaido. It is my memory of Hokkaido travel that I was invited to it. It was an invitation tour completely, so it is not a long period of time, it is a 2 night 3 day petit trip. The wedding was a church in Sapporo. So it was around Sapporo that I did sightseeing. First of all I saw a standard clock tower and wandered around Sapporo station. Of course I went to eat the famous ramen. It is good for Hokkaido to have delicious food. Especially seafood and vegetables were very delicious. The next day I extended my leg to Otaru. Otaru is a romantic city with a canal. While listening to the canal, I mainly enjoyed shopping in Otaru. I bought a lot of pretty goods and souvenirs. The last is New Chitose Airport. I enjoyed having various souvenirs here, too. I enjoyed delicious ice cream and milk in Hokkaido. It was a short trip so it was a hasty trip, but it is still a very good memory. If I have the opportunity to go to Hokkaido this time, I would like to spend more slowly.