What is ArmorTi?

What is ArmorTiTM?

ArmorTiTM is a proprietary, patented process that produces a black, extremely hard, abrasion-resistant finish on titanium. ArmorTiTM allows titanium to be used for applications it was not previously suited for due to titanium’s tendency to gall (a form of wear caused by friction welding between sliding surfaces) when sliding against another surface. ArmorTiTM completely eliminates any friction-related issues with titanium and dramatically improves titanium’s impact resistance while maintaining all of its most desirable properties.

How does ArmorTiTM work?

ArmorTiTM is a state-of-the-art process that involves a precisely-controlled, forced diffusion to harden titanium’s surface that results in an incredibly durable, black finish with a rockwell hardness of over 70 HRC. The finish only affects the surface layer of the titanium leaving its integrity and all of the most desirable properties of titanium intact at its core.

Is ArmorTiTM a sprayed on finish or applied finish like PVD/DLC?

ArmorTiTM is a precisely-controlled, forced diffusion hardening process; this means titanium parts can be machined exactly to dimension and then run through the ArmorTiTM process without any concern of those dimensions changing. Also, with ArmorTiTM, there is no concern of flaking, chipping, peeling, or loss of adhesion under heavy loading. Unlike other finishes, ArmorTiTM changes the metallurgy of the outer layer of the titanium by diffusing interstitial hardening elements into the surface instead of applying a new material to the outer surface of the titanium.

How does ArmorTiTM compare to traditional anodizing for titanium?

These two processes are so different that they really can’t be compared. Traditional titanium anodizing utilizes voltage applied to the part, through fixturing, in an electrolytic bath that results is an oxide finish intended to reduce galling (Type II) and / or colorize the titanium (Type III). The problem with anodizing is that it will not hold up under the extreme, friction and/or load-related conditions found in firearms and many aerospace and automotive applications. This is exactly why ArmorTiTM was developed. A titanium part treated with the ArmorTiTM process can withstand friction and load unlike any process ever developed before for titanium. Additionally, ArmorTiTM is one of the only processes that will produce a truly durable, black finish on titanium that will not chip, flake, or peel under extreme use.